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On behalf of everyone at Golden West, I want to thank you for the opportunity
provide you with advanced telecommunication services.

Whether it’s local phone service, long distance calling, cable television entertainment, high-speed Internet access or a business technology solution, Golden West works hard to meet and exceed your needs.

Golden West has served South Dakotans since 1916. We understand that customers need reliable technology and outstanding customer service. We also understand that customers want input into the services that affect their daily lives.

Membership in the Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative provides benefits that include:

• The right to cast a vote in director elections and on changes made to the Cooperative’s bylaws and
   articles of incorporation

• Receiving money back in the form of a capital credit check, which is based on what you spend
telecommunications services

• The opportunity to run for a position on the Cooperative’s board of directors, a board made up of
just like yourself, who establish the policies that govern the day-to-day operation of
   your company

Cooperative membership is just one of the many reasons you will notice that our priorities are different than many
out-of-state companies.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.