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Co-op Membership

We're something people believe in and
communities feel connected to.

Golden West follows the classic definition of a co-op: working together for a common good. Our members are true owners who help make decisions and reap the rewards of an
independent business that operates locally.

Co-op Benefits:

A Voice.
Our service territory is organized into districts with
representatives who are accountable to the
member/owners. Each district’s director shapes how the
Co-op can better serve the members and their communities.

The purpose of our Co-op is to provide first-class service at
a reasonable price. A portion of the surplus revenue from our telecommunications service is returned to members in the form of a capital credit check. It’s about investing back into our Co-op and the communities we serve.

Helping Neighbors.
Our business is based right here in South Dakota, giving
us unique insight to where help is needed the most.
We’ve donated to local hospitals and health care facilities, provided funds for youth activities, support community
celebrations and local philanthropic causes. We believe in
doing good, not just doing well.

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