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Malware Removal, Internet and PC Troubleshooting



Your One-Stop Shop
for MalwareRemoval,
Internet and PC troubleshooting

Your computer can be fixed affordably,
in the comfort of your own home!


Remote Computer Support

The Internet is full of threats.
We can help protect you and your  computers.

With Anywhere Support by Golden SHIELD you can get great support from
A+ Certified technicians. Once we’ve connected
to your computer, you’re free
to go about the rest of your day.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Relax and Let Us Fix Your Computer

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General Services:
Virus / Adware / Malware Removal
our remote repair session for virus related issues includes a full virus sweep by our AV tools
and a complete removal of any infections that may be found. $85.00

PC Optimization — is a general optimization service for your computer. It includes adjusting
the start menu, removing unnecessary programs and other optimization tasks. $49.95

Generic Services — covers any repairs that do not fall into the other repair categories. $49.95

Quick Service — takes care of issues that are not supported under any other areas of support,
but can be fixed in 20 minutes or less. $21.29

OS Repair — provides re-installation of the operating system and back up files. $99.95

Prices are a 1x charge

Configuration Services:
• Advanced Router Setup — encompasses advanced router configuration, including
port forwarding, DMZ,
and other configuration elements that are typically out of scope. $59.95

• Device Install — covers the installation and configuration of manufacturer software for camera
drivers, printers, scanners, fax machines, multi-function devices, web cams, MP3 players,
specialized USB devices. $49.95

• Software Install — we will install your provided software. You will need to have the install
medium and each piece of software. $39.95

Training Services:
• PC Training — we provide a remote training session between you and our agent by way of a
web browser,
email client or operating system of your choice. This is a comprehensive training
session and all your questions
should be answered. $49.95