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Internet Connection – Speed Test

Find out how fast your Internet connection is.

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Information about Speed Tests

Internet speed tests measure the network bandwidth and latency of your connection by calculating the
time it takes to download a predefined set of data. Speed tests can measure both download and upload speeds.

 The most common things that will slow down a speed test are:

  • transferring files back and forth on computers in your home

  • having multiple windows or tabs open within a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

  • add-ins or extra search bars within a browser, such as WeatherBug or weather monitoring services

  • having a router behind a modem can also sometimes slow a connection

  • wireless service within a home can greatly affect results

  • the distance from the wireless broadcast point, most often a modem or router, and the location of the device you are testing from comes in to play

  • how much physical stuff is between the device you are testing and the wireless modem or router, be it walls, floors, doors, windows, etc., these things slow radio waves

  • old computer and/or it's setup inefficiently this can slow things down e.g. you only have a tiny amount of free memory and your computer is forced to use your hard disk to store temporary data which slows things down significantly