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Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) Request Login

First determine how many, if any, Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs) you will need.

  1. How many TVs do you own/watch?
  2. How many TVs have a DVR or digital receiver? The number of TVs you own, minus the number of TVs with a digital receiver is the number of DTA(s) you will order.

NOTE: If you do not need any DTA(s) please continue with the login and select "0". This will remove your account from receiving additional communications regarding this conversion.

Let's get started ....

Please enter your account number and last name or business name so we can pull up your information. Click Here to see an example of where to locate your Golden West account number.
DTA Support

Account Number: ex. 00011110-1
Last Name or Business Name: ex. Mc Daniel