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Fiber to the Home

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is our investment in the communities we serve, preparing businesses, schools, and homes for advancing technology. Fiber optics, which use light instead of electricity to transmit information, will provide customers with faster, more reliable Internet speeds and a host of new products in the future.

This year, we will bury almost five-hundred miles of fiber with projects in Avon, Custer, Quinn, Scotland, Wall and Wasta.
We recently hosted Open Houses in these communities to explain the Fiber to the Home construction, the benefits of fiber, and answered questions.

Benefits of Fiber:

• Greater Bandwidth: Fiber provides more bandwidth than traditional copper, allowing for more data
  and fewer problems.

• Speed and Distance: Fiber carries faster speeds that travel greater distances with very little signal loss.

• Reliability: Fiber provides extremely reliable data transmission. Due to its glass makeup, it is immune
  to many environmental factors that affect copper cables.

• Long Term Capability: Fiber is nearly future proof and prepared for the long-term growth of the
  communities we serve.

Fiber to the Home is part of Golden West’s commitment to ensuring the best telecommunication services possible for our customers. Strong, reliable services, especially high-speed Internet, are vital to helping our customers and communities thrive.

Replacing roughly 14,000 miles of copper lines with fiber optics will take time, but it’s an investment in our communities that we’re proud to make. This year’s projects will bring us one-step closer to our goal of having a 100% fiber optic network.

If you live in one of this year’s FTTH construction areas
and have questions on the project, please call
and ask for the
Engineering Department