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July Horizons: On Par

07/16/13 | Horizons Newsletter

July Newsletter PDF

Springfield, SD is located in the southernmost tip of our Golden West service territory.
Located in Bon Homme (French for good man) county, the area seeps with history.
It was explored by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804; Bon Homme village just outside
Springfield erected the first Dakota Territory Schoolhouse in 1860; and General Custer’s army camped nearby in 1873 on their fateful journey to the Little Bighorn . . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2-3
• Weather on the Web  pg. 4
• Improve Your Wireless Network  pg. 5
• WatchTVEverywhere  pg. 5
• Selling Your Old Books – Made Easy  pg. 6
• 5 Benefits of Having a Landline Phone  pg. 6
• Golden West's Link to 17 Golf Courses  pg. 7
• Photo Contest Returns pg. 7
• Expanded Local Calling  pg. 8