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January Horizons 2016

01/18/16 | Horizons Newsletter

January Newsletter PDF

Perservering on the Prairie

George Fauske and the Founding of Golden West

The wide breadth of the prairie. The vastness of the vibrant, blue sky.
The sense of independence that gave way to adventure. We can only imagine what inspired thousands of pioneers to load their belongings
into horse-drawn wagons and venture west. But we do know one thing that was promised to them all: opportunity. George Fauske, one of the founders of the original Golden West Telephone Company, believed in
that opportunity.

• Cover Story  pgs. 2 - 3
• Stories of Independence: Calls for Submission  pg. 4
• Telephone Timeline  pg. 4
• 2015 Brian Meyer Scholarship Winners Announced  pg. 5
• 45 Scholarships Available From Golden West  pg. 5
• What is CPNI . . . and Why Should I Care?  pg. 6
• Minding Your Business, Too  pg. 6
• Refresh, Renew, Revise  pg. 7
• Golden West Lifeline Assistance Program pg. 8