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March Horizons 2016

03/15/16 | Horizons Newsletter

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Measured in Miles

Rebuilding the Golden West Telephone Cooperative

The late 1930s brought extremes of all sorts to South Dakota. February 1936 brought the record-low temperature of -58 degrees, and just a few short months later, in July, the hottest day in South Dakota history struck at 120 degrees – a record that wouldn’t be broken until 2006. Families continued to struggle, although the Great Depression was slowly releasing its grip across the nation. George Fauske, one of the founders of Golden West, had purchased the company at a Sheriff’s sale in 1934. Despite economic challenges, he pressed on, and rural South Dakotans remained connected via telephone. His efforts, though, would be sadly short-lived.

• Feature Story  pgs 2-3
• Telephone Timeline: Operator  pg 4
• Fiber to the Home  pg 4
• Sign Up for a New Bundle Service – Get a FREE Roku  pg 5
• Digital Dust Bunnies  pgs 6-7
• Remote Control: Major Networks Mandate Channel Changes  pg 6
• Stories of Independence – Last Chance to Submit  pg 7
• 100th Anniversary Giveaway  pg 8