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May Horizons 2016

05/18/16 | Horizons Newsletter

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Along the Lines:

Hazards and Highlights of Telephone Servicemen

Before there was 24-hour stores, all-night diners, and round-the-clock news coverage, there was another job that never stopped:the telephone serviceman.

“You were a jack of all trades,” says Glenn Alishouse, a retired serviceman. Glenn started with Golden West in Wall in October of 1963, and was with the company until 1992. “You had to know how to do it all, and do it all the time,” he recalls. “The work never stopped.” It was a work ethic that would have resonated with the founders of Golden West, who understood that in rural South Dakota, maintaining telephone service was round-the-clock work – after all, it was often the only connection for distant neighbors.

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