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September Horizons 2016

09/28/16 | Horizons Newsletter

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Opportunities and Challenges

From Dial-Up to Fiber
How the Internet Changed Golden West and Its Customers

“Beep. . . Beep. . . Screech. . .” When Golden West installed the first dial-up Internet connection in 1996, these “melodic sounds” were the start of a huge change for both customers and the company. Just a click of the mouse opened up the World Wide Web,
and a whole lot of opportunities and some challenges.

To adapt to the growing popularity of the Internet, Kathy Swan became Golden West’s
first Internet Program Supervisor. Now retired, Kathy was a longtime customer service
representative for the company before she was chosen for the new role. “I was picked for
my strong customer service skills and because I wasn’t scared to try something new,”
Kathy states . .