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January Horizon

01/14/15 | Horizons Newsletter

January Newsletter PDF

Social Studies:
Little Wound School Connects Students and Community Through Social Media

When most people think of a school’s relationship with social media, we picture exasperated math teachers trying to keep students off their phones during class. But for Little Wound School in Kyle, SD, social media plays an important role in the future of their campus. So important, in fact, that they’ve hired a full-time person to help them . . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2-3
• AARP Tackles the Tablet World  pg. 4
• Don't Go Viral: Keep Your Computer in Good Health  pg. 5
• New Ways to Pay in 2015  pg. 5
• Tech in 2015: Resolutions for a Better Digital Life  pg. 6
• 45 Scholarships Available from Golden West  pg. 7
• Stay Connected. Stay Secure. Lifeline  pge. 8