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July Internet eNewsletter

07/03/12 | Internet eNewsletter



Scam Warning
Fake Facebook Account Cancellation Request

Copyright Infringement
What Does This Mean And How Does It Affect Me?

Two To View
A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

This Month's FAQ
How Can I Share My Videos Privately On YouTube?

Sites Of The Month
Great Sites To Check Out In July

Short Tutorial
Taking A Full Or Partial Screenshot



Olympic Swimmer On your mark. Get set. Go! July will race by, thanks in part to the excitement of the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Get moving now and pick up ideas from this month's Great Sites list—from British food recipes to picturesque travel images to "get organized" systems for better home maintenance. For more inspiration, watch the amazing videos of a paralyzed marathoner and an eagle owl in flight.

Unfortunately, scammers are quick on their feet as well and are always coming up with new tricks. This issue warns you of fake Facebook emails about account cancellation that try to trick you into installing malware. We also give instructions on how to share YouTube videos privately and how to take screenshots.

The goal of each of our eNewsletters is to keep our subscribers informed regarding their Internet connection and to improve their Internet experience. We think you'll find this information interesting.

To see what's inside this issue, simply scroll down the eNewsletter or click on the links within the index to the left. Thanks for reading!

- The GWIS Team


Scam Warning – Fake Facebook Account Cancellation Request

Scammers know how much you value your Facebook account and they're trying to take advantage of that fact. Fraudulent emails are now circulating, seemingly from Facebook, that say Facebook has received an account cancellation request. Recipients are asked to either confirm or cancel this request by following a link.
Facebook Scam
If you receive an email like this, do NOT click on the link. Although the link appears to be official because it goes to a address, it actually links to a third-party application just running on the Facebook platform. When recipients click on the link, they're asked to allow an application to run. When the "run" button is clicked, recipients are then asked to download the new version of Adobe Flash. In reality, the file that downloads is not the latest version of Flash, but code allowing hackers to spy on activities and take control of computers.

Here are some other tips to help you stay safe online:
  • Always run antivirus software and be sure to keep the virus definitions up to date.

  • Apply operating system and software updates as they're released. Just make sure you download the updates from trusted sources and not random email links.

  • Try to avoid clicking links within emails if possible. Instead, type the URL directly into your browser web address bar.
FYI—If you ever do decide to deactivate your Facebook account, you will receive an email from Facebook that simply confirms that the deactivation has been completed.

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Copyright Infringement – What Does This Mean And How Does It Affect Me?

With increasingly aggressive legal actions being taken against owners of peer-to-peer sites, online file-sharing activity is being driven to invitation-only websites, making it more difficult for law enforcement to identify and shut down file-sharing sites. As prosecutors and lawyers for owners of copyrighted material continue to work against illegal file-sharing, Internet service providers like Golden West Internet Solutions will play a larger role in identifying individuals who partake in peer-to-peer file-sharing.

Let's start with the basics:
  • What is a copyright?

    A copyright as defined by is:
    "The exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc.: works granted such right by law on or after January 1, 1978, are protected for the lifetime of the author or creator and for a period of 50 years after his or her death."

    Ultimately a copyright is a legal concept which gives a person exclusive rights to distribute and use something they created.

  • What is a Copyright Infringement?

    A copyright infringement as defined by US Copyright Office at is: "As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner."

  • Why did I get a Notification of Copyright Infringement?

    Golden West Internet Solutions receives notification of said infringement from different monitoring agencies, this information is readily available to you within the notification you received. Once we are notified, we search our records to determine who was connected with the IP address we were provided by the agency. From there, we notify the customer of the infringement in order to make them aware of the situation.
Illegal uploading, downloading, copying and distribution of copyrighted works are serious offenses that carry with them the risk of substantial monetary damages and, in some cases, criminal prosecution. Golden West Internet Solutions Acceptable Use Policy prohibits this activity and reserves the right to suspend or terminate service for these actions.

If Golden West continues to detect file-sharing activity, you will receive follow-up emails and we will document the activity on your account.

We have created a website to answer all your FAQs regarding Copyright Infringement and what it means to you. Please visit the site at

If your account is being used for illegal file-sharing, you should take all necessary steps to stop this practice and delete any materials that have been obtained illegally. If you receive a letter you believe to be in error, please contact Golden West Internet Solutions as soon as possible at 1-800-763-2525.

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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

Cool Video Number 1   Cool Video Number 2
A First For Paralyzed Marathoner
Claire Lomas, paralyzed from the chest down, completed the London Marathon in 16 days using a ReWalk exoskeleton suit. She became the first person to finish a marathon using the bionic walking assistance system. You'll be inspired with every step.
  Astounding Footage of Eagle Owl
This high-speed movie in full HD captures the flight of an eagle owl in breathtaking detail. You'll feel like you're actually there as the majestic bird swoops in to grab a chicken leg. Who can blame it? Moving those wings must work up an appetite.

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This Month's FAQ – How Can I Share My Videos Privately On YouTube?

Question: I like to record videos of vacations and other special events to share with my family and friends. However, when I upload my videos to YouTube, strangers sometimes post mean comments. How can I share my videos privately?

Share Privately on Youtube Answer: If you would like to limit the exposure of one of your videos, you can set it to be a Private video. This means only you and up to 50 other users who you invite to view the video will be able to see it. The video will not appear on your channel, in search results, or in playlists.

To set a video to be Private:
  1. Sign in to your YouTube account and click the Account link located at the top right of any page.

  2. Click the Uploaded Videos link. Click and choose the video you want to send to your friends. Then click the Edit button.

  3. Under the Broadcasting and Sharing Options section (on the left side of the page towards the bottom), you'll see Privacy options. Click the little black arrow/triangle to expand and see all your privacy options (if it's not already open and you cannot see your privacy options).

  4. If the video is set to Private, you'll see a section to enter up to 50 YouTube usernames that will have access to your private video.
Keep in mind that in order to watch a private video, your contacts must already have a YouTube account. If they don't already have an account, they'll first need to sign up for one. Once they've activated their account, they'll be able to sign in and watch the private video you sent them.

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Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In July

Picture Your Next Trip – This site is a lot like Pinterest except it's just for travel images. Trippy makes it easy to collect travel ideas from others as well as share favorite shots from your own vacations. To picture the possibilities, select a destination from the "Browse" menu and see places in that city that prompt rave reviews.
Shop With Purpose – You can support a cause you believe in simply by shopping or booking travel. When you start at, a percentage of what you spend at participating online merchants goes to the nonprofit, school, or association you choose. Simply search under "Merchants" to be linked to their sites.
Get Organized At Home – When you're a homeowner, there's so much to keep track of when it comes to maintenance like appliance manuals, paint colors, and supplies for repair projects. When throwing everything in a junk drawer no longer works, get organized here. This site will even send you email reminders about maintenance tasks.
British Food for Olympic Appetites – In case you want to eat like a Brit while watching the London 2012 Summer Olympics, you'll find plenty of recipes to choose from here. How about Shepherd's Pie? Or Toad in the Hole? Or Crispy Fish & Chips? You can end the meal with a traditional English dessert like Bakewell Tart.
Guinness World Records – Olympic athletes aren't the only ones who set records. Explore the bizarre and amazing achievements by all kinds of people that are made official by Guinness World Records. From the longest nose on a living person to the longest single line of dancers, it's all on this site. Be prepared to have your jaw drop!

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Short Tutorial – Taking A Full Or Partial Screenshot

A picture tells a thousand words, which is why taking a screenshot (also called a screen grab or print screen) is so useful. A screenshot allows you to show another person exactly what's on your computer screen—an especially handy ability when seeking technical help or discussing a joint project. Follow the instructions below to take a full or partial screenshot in Microsoft Windows or with a Mac:

PC Screen Shot Taking A Full Screenshot in Windows
  1. Press the "PrtScn SysRq" key located at the upper right of your keyboard. Note: Print Screen (PrtScn) might be abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

  2. Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. You can now attach the file to an email message.
Taking A One-Window Screenshot in Windows
  1. If you want to take a screenshot of just one window, make sure that the window is the "active" window on your screen. (This means that it should be in front of all your other windows.)

  2. Hold down the "Alt" key and press "PrtScn SysRq."

  3. Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. You can now attach the file to an email message.
Mac Screen Shot Taking A Full Screenshot
With A Mac

  1. Hold down both the "command" and "shift" keys and press the "3" key.

  2. Mac OS X captures the entire screen and saves it as a file on your desktop. You can now attach the file to an email message.
Taking A Partial Screenshot
With A Mac
  1. Hold down both the "command" and "shift" keys and press the "4" key.

  2. You'll be presented with a cross-hair symbol. Left-click your mouse on it and drag the cursor to highlight the area you'd like to take a picture of.

  3. Release to take the screenshot.

  4. Mac OS X captures the entire screen and saves it as a file on your desktop. You can now attach the file to an email message.