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July Horizons

07/28/15 | Horizons Newsletter

July Newsletter PDF

Different Path, Same Destination
Celine Trask’s Digital Route to Her Diploma

Celine Trask’s diploma reads that she is a graduate of Wall High School, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. But her journey to that diploma was much more than a typical high school story full of Spirit Week and Friday night football games . . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2 - 3
• Stay Calm in the Storm: Emergency Planning and Preparedness Year Round  pg. 4
• Stay Connected  pg. 4
• Survey | Spammers | Scams – OH MY!  pg. 5
• Save the Date! 63rd Annual Meeting  pg. 5
• Golden West Invests in the Future of South Dakota  pg. 6
• Snapshots in South Dakota – Submit to the Golden West Facebook Contest  pg. 7
• When the Connection Matters, Lifeline Helps You Keep It  pg. 8