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July Horizons

07/25/14 | Horizons Newsletter

July Newsletter PDF

Bang! As the villain grasps his targeted chest and falls to the brutally hard floor with a
resounding thud, he spews out one last hateful curse. The careful aim of the town sheriff
put an end to Alkali, the evil hombre, and happiness reigns! Thus ends another production
of the Powder River show . . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2-3
• Be Careful My Friends  pg. 4
• 404 Error Not Found  pgs. 4-5
• If It Comes From the Internet, It Must Be True   pg. 5
• Hallmark Channel, the Heart of TV   pg. 6
• RFD TV  pg. 6
• Aman Retires After 45 Years  pg. 6
• Famil Heirlooms in the Clouds  pgs. 7
• Stay Connected with Lifeline  pg. 8