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July 2012 Horizons: the Sky's the Limit

07/16/12 | Horizons Newsletter

July Newsletter PDF

The sound of an engine buzzing overhead instinctively causes us to look heavenward. Like when a fly encircles our head, we automatically crank our
necks to get a fix on the airy creature. As we look skyward to catch the hum
of a plane, the majority of the time it is leaving vapour tails, cutting the sky
into geometric pieces.

What You'll Find Inside:

• Cover Story: Jolly Roger Banners

• Do-It-Yourself Helpful Websites

• Pinterest – Replacing the 80's Corkboard

• WatchTVEverywhere – 2012 London Olympics Online

• Connecting All of Us – Relay South Dakota

• Businesses Take Advantage of New Opportunity

• Receive 2 FREE Video On Demand Movies