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June 2015 Cable eNewsletter

06/01/15 | Cable TV eNewsletter


Hi Golden West Customer,

There is more to celebrate in June than Father's Day and the first day of summer. The delightful TV programming is also worth rejoicing over. Whether you prefer variety shows like America's Got Talent or physical competitions like American Ninja Warrior, we have it here for you. You can also learn to cook healthier with Giada at Home, get fit with Extreme Weight Loss, and find out how Jimmy Fallon turned a subway station into a surprise U2=concert.
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Talent or Train Wreck? America's Got Talent JUDGE FOR YOURSELF © 2015 NBC Universal
Premium Channels Free For Three Months
Surprise! Fallon and U2 Rock New Yorkers SWAY TO SUBWAY SOUNDS © 2015 NBC Universal
WATCH GIADA NOW Giada Whips Up Fun on Food
Network's Giada at Home

Watch TV moments that make Giada smile and cringe, and get her top recipes to try in your own kitchen. Her Roman-Style Chicken will make your family beg for seconds! Ever wonder how she balances life, fitness, and food? Learn five surprising facts that solve the mystery.

© 2015 Television Food Network G.P. All Rights Reserved.
It's War American Ninja Warrior on NBC ROOT FOR YOUR CHOSEN HERO © 2015 NBC Universal
Extreme Weight Loss WATCH NOW Extreme Weight Loss on ABC
Transforms 17 Lives

Love the show, but can't join the cast? Visit the Extreme Weight Loss Destination Boot Camp in Colorado. You don't need a trainer or fancy gear to do Chris and Heidi Powell's 9-minute workout. Then replenish your energy with this calorie-friendly oven-fried chicken recipe.

© Disney. All rights reserved.
© 2015 The Regents of the University of Colorado, a body corporate. All rights reserved.
© 2015 Harpo, Inc., All Rights Reserved
Last Month's Poll Winner Emmitt Smith Leads the Dance
in May's Viewer Poll

Care to dance? Emmitt Smith sure did, and he swept the floor with the competition in May's Dancing with the Stars viewer poll. He didn't miss a step, winning viewers' votes for "favorite past winner." Jennifer Grey closely followed the former run=ing back's lead in the all-star dance competition. Want to swing the vote? Click here.
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Wrestling's Bloodiest Wars: No Bail
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TNA: Slammiversary

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