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5 Ways Landlines Are Valuable

03/14/12 | Member Updates and News

We see it more and more, people are moving away from having a landline phone. However, those without landlines may be missing the importance and convenience of a landline phone. A landline phone is any type of phone connection that travels through a solid conduit, typically a cable, wire or fiber optic; this would not include a Fiber to the Home connection. Nearly half of American adults under the age of 30 are not installing landlines and they are unaware of the potential consequences of not maintaining a landline phone.

Five ways a corded home phone is better than the rest:

1) Power Outages. Living in South Dakota, depending on the brutality of the weather, we know that storms can cut our electrical power for moments or days. During the winter of 2010-2011, people living north of Philip, SD existed for days without electrical power. Yet, for those with a landline phone it worked every day throughout the storm, providing an important lifeline to friends and family. Traditionally, landlines are powered separately from the main electrical grid and are generally more stable in emergencies.

 2) 9-1-1 Service. Landlines provide the most accurate 9-1-1 locating service. Phone calls placed to 9-1-1 can be traced back to a landline phone and operators can immediately pinpoint the address of most calls for those using landline phones, according to a report by Consumer Reports, January 2011. Wireless location accuracy requirements are being upgraded; however, the accuracy of location data generally drops in rural areas.

3) Reliable. These traditional landline phones work everywhere in your house and the service is always available. Landlines provide clear connections, something not always available with wireless phones. The landline phones plugged directly into a phone jack are ready to use, unlike a wireless phone that may need to be located, turned on or even recharged. Additionally, wireless calling signals may be distorted by air-wave signals.

4) Directory / Phone Books. Although some may view phone books as antiquated information, the phone directories provided by Golden West provide listings that are updated annually. Wireless companies do not offer phone information for their subscribers and attempting to find mobile numbers can be challenging.

5) Secure. Landlines provide greater security during phone calls, especially when one is discussing sensitive information such as financial or medical information. An individual or outside object may intercept wireless phones through the radio waves they transmit. Many financial institutions recommend using a landline when discussing sensitive information over the phone.

We understand the landscape is changing. However, our landline phones provide safety during power outages, accurate 9-1-1 information, reliable always-on service, directory information and security when transferring sensitive information.

At Golden West, we understand the need to keep costs down; that is why we provide you with several phone/internet/cable TV bundles
to meet your needs and to keep you safe.