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March 2013 Horizons: Dares to Be Remarkable

03/19/13 | Horizons Newsletter

March Newsletter PDF

Mixing exquisite metal artwork and championship pinto horses together may seem a
little like mixing oil and water. However, Shawn Cline spends her days keeping the two
together yet separate.

Many young girls dream and romanticize about horses. Shawn had the great fortune
to grow up riding horses and the talent to draw them. A renter on her parent’s farm
taught her the art of dressage (training horses) at a very early age. As a result of her
training, Shawn won a regional championship when she was only four-years old.

What's Inside:

• Dares to Be Remarkable  pgs. 2-3
• The 4 D’s of Email  pg.4
• Name That Town  pg. 4
• Emoticons 30 Years and Still Going Strong  pg. 5
• watch TV everywhere  pg. 6
• Seven Punctuation Points for Precise Searches  pg. 7
• Landline Phones and Working From Home  pg. 7
• Ask Us How Fast You Can Go  pg. 8