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November Horizons

11/14/13 | Horizons Newsletter

November Newsletter PDF

Backyard sandboxes filled with diggers and dumpers have been around for decades.
Magnify that backyard sandbox a k’zillion times and you have Knodel Contractors,
complete with a gravel mine, scrapers, and diggers and dumpers. . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2-3
• Twice as Nice SmartPAK Offer  pg. 4-5
• Fall Football: NFL RedZone  pg. 6
• How Do You Avoid Telemarketers?  pg. 6
• Apparently Spammers Need Time Off Too  pg. 6
• Watch the Wrangler NFR  pg. 6
• Dreaming of a Gadget Christmas  pg. 7
• Are You Missing Out  pg. 7
• Customer Appreciation Giveaway  pg. 8