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September Horizons: 2014 Annual Meeting Edition

09/10/14 | Horizons Newsletter

September Newsletter PDF

Work hard, be dedicated, develop a thick skin, learn to accept criticism, but most
of all, do it yourself.  ~ SuAnne Big Crow

Good advice, maybe the type of advice you would expect to hear from the CEO of
a corporation, a grandparent or at a graduation commencement. Probably not
words that you would expect to hear from a high school senior . . .

What's Inside:

• Cover Story  pgs. 2-3
• Golden West Annual Meeting Invite   pgs. 4-5
• Brian Meyer Memorial Scholarship  pg. 5
• Directors Running Unopposed for Four-Year Terms  pg. 6
• 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes  pg. 7
• Paul Larson, Cowboy Culture, SD Style  pg. 8