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September 2016 Cable eNewsletter

09/15/16 | Cable TV eNewsletter
Hi Golden West Customer,

Summer is behind us and the hectic school year has begun. What better way to unwind after a busy day than with great TV programming? Cake Boss may trigger your sweet tooth, but Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance will keep you tapping your toes to work off some of those calories. Watch as throwaway items become runaway hits on Flea Market Flip, and get a little dose of a classic American auto with a vintage Chevy truck commercial.

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Dancing with the Stars Returns With Flair SASHAY TO A NEW SEASON © Disney. All rights reserved.
Talk Like A Pirate Day Get Ye Ready For Talk Like A Pirate Day
Talk Like a Pirate Day is a "just for fun" occasion to unleash yer inner buccaneer. All ye have to do is review the basics of pirate speak and sprinkle them throughout yer conversations on September 19. For example, "Ahoy!" means hello and "Aye!' means you agree. Don't forget to substitute "me" for "my" in sentences such as, "Here's me empty mug."

We hope ye and yer mateys have oceans of fun on Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Tons of Timber in Vintage Chevy Truck Commercial BEHOLD ONE TOUGH TRUCK © 2016 General Motors
Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip Transforms
Junk into Gems on HGTV

Creative contestants scour flea markets for items to upcycle, convert, and beautify on Flea Market Flip. Get inspired by past projects to craft your own treasures. Learn how to be a great flea market haggler with these video tips, but make sure you avoid these bad buys.

© 2016 Scripps Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.
Don't Miss a Beat of So You Think You Can Dance BOOGIE OVER TO FOX ™ and © 2016 FOX and its related entities. All rights reserved.
Cake Boss Cake Boss Masters the Art
of the Sweet Treat on TLC

Buddy Valastro is determined to make Carlo's Bake Shop a household name – family drama or no. Check out Buddy's sketchbook to see how the cakes get their start on paper. Take a peek into the Valastro ladies' homes, and let Sofia show you how to make cake pops.

© 2016 Discovery Communications, LLC.
Last Month's Poll Winner Swimming Made the Biggest
Splash in August Viewer Poll

In light of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, we asked you in August which sporting event is your favorite. It was a close call, but swimming won the gold. Sand volleyball wasn't far behind, and went home with a silver medal. No athlete goes home from the Olympic Games without amazing memories, however, so they're all winners!
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